The short version:

I build our cables to last, and give each one a thorough workout. I do not expect them to fail as long as they are used properly and cared for. That said, if something happens, I want to know about it, and make it right. You can call me personally at (877) XLR-2-TRS, or email TC@RoadworthyCables.com. Thank you for your interest in Roadworthy Cables. Respectfully, TC Santos.

The long version:

On Stage Solutions, LLC - who owns the Roadworthy Cables™ brand - is firmly committed to providing our customers with best in class, reliable products through it’s website, authorized dealers, and in person, for example at trade-shows. All Roadworthy Cables™ assemblies are made with the finest cable, connectors, and assembly practices in the industry. We are extremely proud of their reliability, and problems are extremely rare. However, should you experience trouble with our product, our Lifetime warranty to the original purchaser assures you are protected should something unfortunate occur.

Lava Cable handles warranty claims for Lava Cable, Pedalwing, and van den Hul products. You can contact them directly at sales@lavacable.com. Or, if you would prefer, On Stage Solutions will be happy to help process your claim with Lava. Please be advised that for obvious reasons, this may take longer.

All sales final for printed or recorded media including books.

Limited Lifetime Warranty for On Stage Solutions, LLC - Roadworthy Cables™

On Stage Solutions, LLC has established this Limited Warranty to ensure the original purchaser receives defect free, top quality components and workmanship in their cables.

This limited warranty covers cables manufactured by On Stage Solutions, LLC under the Roadworthy Cables™ brand, and purchased from any authorized On Stage Solutions, LLC dealer, or directly from On Stage Solutions, LLC (either online, or in person, for example at trade-shows). This warranty does NOT apply to any cable with custom add-ons, such as Neutrik Silent plug added as option, or that has been self-repaired in any way.

On Stage Solutions, LLC warrants to the original purchaser that their Roadworthy Cables™ product will be free from defects in the materials and workmanship for the natural life of the cable, subject to normal wear and tear. This warranty is not transferrable.

Should this cable become defective, simply return it to the place of purchase with your dated proof of purchase (receipt). On Stage Solutions will, at its option either repair or replace, without charge, any item determined to be defective. Please note that in some cases, an authorized dealer’s return policy may not allow for an easy exchange, especially after a certain period of time. If store personnel are unable to offer a simple resolution, or cannot duplicate the issue, they will need to send the cable to On Stage Solutions for further evaluation. Please allow extra time for this.


This warranty extends only to Roadworthy Cables™ products distributed and/or sold by On Stage Solutions. This warranty covers only normal use of cable, and does not cover, nor shall On Stage Solutions, LLC be responsible for: defects or damage that are the result of, or caused by an accident, misuse, user abuse, negligence, improper care, shipping, installation, contact with solvent chemicals, improper electric current, service or alteration by anyone other than an authorized On Stage Solutions representative, malfunction caused by other audio equipment, cosmetic defects resulting from normal wear and tear, irresponsible use, using cable for what it is not intended, such as an AC cord, jumper cable, use as a rope, a jump rope, a whip, a noose, etc., intentional abuse including damage resulting from extreme or hardcore heavy metal or satanic on-stage (or backstage) rituals that involve destruction of equipment, gear, or property, sacrifices, rituals that involve the use of ferrets, or other non-recommended practices, disasters such as fire, flood, lightning, apocalypse (zombie or otherwise), misinterpretation of the Mayan calendar, the Rapture and the Second Coming, including, but not limited to any events leading up to these or similar events. This warranty excludes all incidental or consequential damages. Certain states prohibit the exclusion or limitation of consequential damages so the above limitation may not apply in some cases.

In no event shall On Stage Solutions be held liable or responsible for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages arising in any way in connection with On Stage Solution’s products or their sale or use, including but not limited to damage of property, injury to persons, loss of life, loss of use of the products or inconvenience.

Return Policy FAQ:

WHAT can be returned? Wrong item received: (You order an apple, but receive an orange.) In this case, On Stage Solutions will cover return shipping from you to us, and shipping of the correct item from us to you.

Any restrictions? Yes: Any items damaged during shipping should be handled by the respective carrier. Please let us know if we can help by providing any supporting documentation that the carrier may request.

Also, On Stage Solutions unfortunately cannot be held responsible for, and will not return Roadworthy Cables™ products that are made to order that are made per transaction on the website and ordered incorrectly by purchaser - as an example, lengths miscalculated by customer. We also do not accept returns because cable does “sound” as expected. All sales are final as they are custom made to order each time.

Return requests for any other reason will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us right away if there is a problem with your order. We value our relationships with our customers and will do whatever we can to ensure your satisfaction.

Get ahold of you how? Email us: TC@OnStageSolutions.biz, or call us: (877) XLR-2-TRS (957-2877).

WHEN do items need to be returned by? 30 days from receipt of purchase, unless item(s) were sent out to you while on a tour, then you have 90 days from the ORDER DATE, -or-, 20 days from the final load-out date of the tour*

*To take advantage of the extended return time, you will need to call or email in advance for additional info and required documentation.

WHERE do items need to be returned?

On Stage Solutions

8207-A Market St.

PO Box 10941

Wilmington, NC 28404


Please note that this is a PO box, if the carrier you use does not allow delivery to a PO Box, we will provide an alternate address.

HOW do customers return items?

1. Obtain RMA Number – Very Important!!!

2. You ship item to us (you pay shipping) with RMA number written on the box, along with a printout of your original receipt. (Please use a traceable, insured shipping method)

3. We evaluate

4. We send you a new or repaired cable (at our discretion) if your item qualifies for warranty service (we pay shipping)

5. If the item does NOT qualify for warranty, and you want it back, you pay for us to ship it to you. (Payment must be received within 30 days, otherwise the item will be discarded)

The cable must be returned at the purchaser's expense to place of purchase or sent to On Stage Solutions. If this cannot be done, contact On Stage Solutions via phone or email stating the nature of the defect and date of purchase. Include information from a copy of your sales slip or receipt from On Stage Solutions.

Upon arrival, your cable will receive a thorough visual and electrical evaluation. If we are not able to duplicate the defect as stated, or conclude that the defect was caused by neglect or abuse, your cable can be returned but shipping charges will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Who pays SHIPPING for returns? If you received a different item than you ordered, you will NOT be charged for shipping of the correct item. Shipping fees for returns for any other reason will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Do you require an RMA number? YES! The RMA number must be clearly written on the package exterior. Any item received at On Stage Solutions without an RMA number written on the outside of the packaging cannot be processed, and will be considered a gift, not a return. Fair warning has been given.

CREDIT for returns? If your return is to result in a refund, the money will be refunded to the same account that was used to pay for the item.

Packing materials? Items must be returned in their original packaging.

How long? Once we receive your package, it usually takes about a week to process and release from our warehouse.

Amazon returns:

If you purchased items from On Stage Solutions through Amazon and need to return it, please see and use Amazon's return policy.