Tech Flex

TechFlex Braided Sleeving

Techflex is a globally recognized specialist in the engineering and manufacture of the most advanced sleeving solutions and related products for the management and protection of wires, cables and hoses.

Techflex has engineered practical sleeving solutions since 1963. Their innovative products are in worldwide use in applications as varied as deep space exploration satellites and undersea robotics to race cars, biomedical, aerospace, automotive, and electronics, and computer network cable management installations.

The Techflex range of wire, hose, and cable bundling protection solutions improves the reliability and cosmetics of everything it covers. Whether you are organizing your home A/V system or customizing your automobile engine compartment, there is a Techflex solution that has your needs covered!

On Stage Solutions has many styles and colors in stock by the foot, with NO MINIMUM quantity orders, and very competitive pricing! If you are not sure about a particular size, you can send an email to and request free samples. (CONUS only, please. For free sample requests to be delivered outside the US, you'll need to send a SASE to them.)

Techflex is truly the first choice for any sleeving solution. Organize your cables like the pros do!