The Silver Eagle Series Balanced Cables

SILVER EAGLE Series Gotham GAC-3 (Grey) terminated with G&H Industries TRS, or their new XLR plugs, finished with Grey braided outer nylon sleeving (Customization available)

Roadworthy Cables™ Silver Eagle series microphone cables are a ‘pro series’ line of balanced cables that features GAC-3 cable, Gotham Audio’s signature, and best selling product, with a lineage going back to the EMT cables developed in 1966. [more]

The French Quarter Series Instrument Cables

FRENCH QUARTER Series Gotham GAC-1 Ultra Pro (Blue) with G&H Industries ShowSaver plugs (Black and Gold) with exterior black braided nylon sleeving (Customization available)

Roadworthy Cables™ French Quarter series instrument cables are made with some of the finest materials available to give you a great sounding solid, reliable, and 'roadworthy' cable that will deliver years of worry-free use. [more]