The Silver Eagle Series Balanced Cable

EAGLE Series
Gotham GAC-3 (Grey) terminated with G&H Industries TRS, or their new XLR plugs, finished with Grey braided outer nylon sleeving (Customization available)

Roadworthy Cables™ Silver Eagle Series microphone cables are a ‘pro series’ line of balanced cables that features GAC-3 cable by Gotham Audio (grey), their signature, and best selling product, with a lineage going back to the EMT cables developed in 1966. Neumann introduced the current design a few years later, at a time when phantom powered, solid-state microphones (Neumann FET 80 series) were first becoming popular. It’s combination of 3-conductor construction, with 96 strand 24AWG conductors results in a microphone cable that remains uniquely small, lightweight, highly flexible and durable, with superior resistance to RFI/EMI. Even with a relatively high capacitance spec, GAC-3 mates exceptionally well with microphones with none of the loss of HF definition that one might assume the higher capacitance product might have*, making it the number one choice for performance and durability both on stage and in the studio. (The oft-cited 1984 Neil Muncy AES paper on cable related noise susceptibility rated GAC-3 as the best performing cable, verifying the original Neumann design.).

*Neumann has consistently maintained the cable has no meaningful loss all the way out to 100 meters.